Improving Sleep for ICU Patients: Introducing Non-Drug Sleep Support Methods

Objective: This quality enhancement initiative aims to improve sleep quality for patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) by introducing measures that do not involve medications. These non-pharmacologic protocols are designed to promote better sleep for ICU patients.

Simplified Methodology:

Step 1: Research Review Study past research on sleep protocols and non-drug treatments for ICU patients.

Step 2: Gather Input Talk to ICU nurses, doctors, and sleep experts to understand sleep challenges and find solutions.

Step 3: Create Plan Make sleep improvement plans based on research and input, considering:  Reducing noise Adjusting lighting  Positioning patients comfortably  Teaching relaxation techniques * Creating a sleep-friendly space

Step 4: Test Plan

Try out the new sleep plan in a small ICU unit.  Ask patients and staff for their feedback.

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