One of the key activities that DNP students have to do while working on a DNP product is to conduct literature review. Essentially, literature review for DNP project is essentially a body of information that is related to the research problem that a DNP student decides to study. A lot of time is needed to conduct a DNP project literature review. Moreover, you need to have great academic writing skills for you to write a comprehensive literature review chapter. For this reason, it is understandable why some students get stuck at this specific stage. However, the good news is that you do not have to get stuck at this stage as we have DNP experts who can help you.

How we help students in conducting literature review for DNP project

One thing that you can be sure of is that we have what it takes to successfully review literature for your DNP project. There are several things that we do to ensure that DNP students achieve this goal. First, we offer guidance in choosing viable research topics. We make sure that the DNP candidates that order our services end up with topics that are both interesting and easy to research. Secondly, we ensure that our clients are able to access the relevant information sources. Additionally, we assist such students in synthesizing the reviewed information. With the services of our DNP project literature review writers, you can be certain that you will not get stuck at this stage.

What is literature review for DNP capstone projects?

Basically, a literature review is an organized body of information on a certain topic. To come up with such a body of organized information, one must review the relevant materials. Before using any information source for a literature review, one must consider several things. First, one should consider the relevance of such a material. It is worth noting that a literature review for DNP project is not a collection of irrelevant information sources. Secondly, you should consider the credibility of the materials that you intend to use. It is advisable to ensure that such materials contain accurate and reliable information. Additionally, you need to make sure that the materials used in this kind of work are current.

Reasons for conducting literature review for different types of DNP projects

Reviewing literature for a DNP project is important due to different reasons. First it helps DNP students to have a better conceptualization of the nursing problem that they intend to solve with their DNP projects. It is through reviewing literature that DNP students get a better understanding of their research topics. Secondly, this activity helps DNP students to know the suitable methods that they can use to study the problem. Most importantly, by reviewing literature one becomes aware of the different theories that are applicable to one’s DNP research problem.  Did you know that our experts who offer help with reviewing literature for a DNP capstone project understand these reasons? Now you know!

How to go through the process of reviewing literature for a DNP project

Essentially, you should begin reviewing literature with topic selection. Without having a suitable topic for your DNP project, it is impossible to differentiate relevant from irrelevant materials. Exactly, how then can you come up with a topic for a DNP project. The first way through which you can select such a topic is examining your own experiences. You can decide to work on a topic that is close to your heart in the sense that the nursing problem under focus affects members of your community. Secondly, you may decide to consult nursing experts in relation to a certain nursing issue of interest. Revising your course materials can also help you identify a topic for literature review for DNP project.

Using the PICOT question as the basis for a DNP literature review

To be effective in reviewing literature for different types of DNP projects, it is advisable to formulate a PICOT question. Notably, PICOT is an acronym whose letters stands for population or patient, intervention, comparison or control group, outcome of interest and time. After formulating this type of question, it becomes easier to tell the specific population that you intend to study and the group that you intend to compare it with so that to determine if the designed intervention is effective or efficient. Moreover, with such a question it is easier to determine the outcomes of interest and the duration of the intervention. Our DNP literature review experts can help you with coming up with such a question.

What’s next after selecting a topic for a DNP project

Once you have formulated the topic for your DNP project, you can now begin the process of reviewing literature. During this initial stage of reviewing literature, you need to develop a search strategy. For instance, you may decide to start by reviewing books in the library before proceeding to reviewing materials available online. It is worth noting that books from reputable authors and publishers normally have reliable information. However, one of the main disadvantages of using such materials is that sometimes the information that they contain may not be up to date. By ordering our help with conducting literature review for DNP projects, you can be sure that we will assist you with reviewing both books and journal articles.

Coming up with a literature search strategy for a DNP project

There are several factors that you need to consider when developing a literature search strategy for a DNP project. One of such factors is the criteria that you will use when selecting the materials to use. The criteria to be used may be determined by geographical location that the material covers and publication date. Moreover, you need to think of the online databases that you intend to use. Even more important than identifying such databases is determining how you will be able to access their various journals. If you are stuck at this stage of review literature then it would help you to consult our DNP project literature review writers.

Retrieving the relevant materials when reviewing literature for a DNP project

After developing a search strategy, you can now proceed to retrieving the relevant materials. To enable you to be effective in retrieving the materials that are related to the question of your DNP project, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with such data bases before you can begin to retrieve such materials. Once you have a sizable amount of information sources, you can now begin to review them. Before reading a certain material its entirety, it is advisable to read the abstract or the table of content. Doing so is important as it helps one to confirm that indeed the given material is relevant and as such suitable for literature review for DNP project.

Writing the literature review chapter of a DNP project

The literature review chapter of a DNP project is usually chapter two. In most cases, it is the longest chapter of different types of DNP projects. While writing this chapter you are supposed to prioritize synthesizing information from different relevant sources rather than just presenting a mere summary of such materials. While synthesizing information sources you should aim at presenting a body of knowledge that is tailored to shed some light on the DNP research problem under focus. For this reason, you need to focus on both strengths and weaknesses of such materials. By utilizing our DNP project literature review help, you can be sure that you will have such an easy synthesizing literature.

How to organize literature while writing chapter two of a DNP project

The way that you organize literature is just as important as the quality of literature that you review. One of the ways through which you can organize the reviewed literature is chronologically. When using this type of organization, one discusses relevant materials based on the date in which they were produced. It is worth noting that this organization is normally appropriate when one wants to show how a certain event has evolved over the years. However, it is not commonly used when writing literature review for DNP project. The organization method that is used when writing this type of review is the thematic one.

The key mistakes to try to avoid when reviewing literature for a DNP project

  • Failing to properly reference the literature review. Essentially, you are supposed to accurately and fully cite your DNP literature review chapter. Citing chapter two of your DNP project is important due to two main reasons. First, it enables one to keep plagiarism at bay as it is a form of giving credit to the different authors of the information sources used. Secondly, it helps one to boost the authoritativeness of the literature review chapter.
  • Failing to synthesize information. You should combine different types of information sources with the aim of shedding light on the selected topic of your DNP topic.
  • Wong organization of this chapter. It is advisable to organize this chapter in accordance with your DNP project objectives or hypothesis. Alternatively, you can organize the literature review chapter for DNP project We are ready to assist you with reviewing literature for your DNP project today!