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As a nursing student, there are numerous academic projects that you might have to produce in the course of your study. One of such projects is the Direct Practice Improvement Practice project (DPI). According to our DPI project writers, the purpose of this project is to enhance evidence-based practice nursing. When working on this kind of project the goal is to improve a certain aspect of nursing through an innovative approach. The truth is that producing this kind of project is not among the easiest things that you can ever do. Consequently, it makes sense why one might want to order for professional guidance while working on this kind of project such as the one available on this site.

How our DPI project writers help nursing students in producing quality DPI projects

We are happy to let you know that we are among the few websites across the globe that offer quality DPI project writing help. There are several things that we do to ensure that nursing students do not have a difficult time working on this project. First, we guide them in identifying a specific area of nursing practice that might require some improvement. Secondly, we assist students in designing an empirical study to investigate the identified area. Most importantly, we hold nursing students’ hands when executing the designed study. Perhaps this is the main reason why our professional guidance with working on this kind of academic project has become quite popular.

Writing a direct practice improvement project

A DPI project is divided into different chapters and sections. Remarkably, the first section of this type of project is the abstract. Ordinarily, this section appears at the beginning of the DPI project alongside other preliminary pages. The purpose of this section is to give an overview of the DPI project. There are several elements of your DPI project that you must be sure to highlight in the abstract. One of such elements is the nursing practice under focus. Also, you must briefly describe the methods used to attempt to improve the practice as well as the key findings of your study. You can easily write this section with the help of our DPI project writers.

Writing the DPI project’s introduction

The purpose of the introduction of a DPI project is to help the reader have a better understanding of the specific problem that your project focuses on in an attempt to improve a certain area of nursing practice. Going in line with this, the first section that you ought to have under this segment is the background information. Under this section, you should paint a picture of how the issue that you are interested in has changed not only over the years but also across different places. According to our DPI project tutors, it is advisable to start with a broad discussion and later on narrow it down to the specific healthcare issue in your specific area of study.

Statement of the problem section of a DPI project

Undoubtedly, this is among the most technical sections of a DPI project that a student can ever write. Your main goal when writing this segment should be to convince the reader that a certain health practice needs improvement. To achieve this goal, you need to start by explaining how things are or the status quo in relation to the nursing issue of interest. The second thing that you need to do is to explain how things ought to be. It is worth noting that this is not the area to include all the background information as it should not be more than a page long. Our DPI project writers would be happy to state the problem of your DPI project.

Explaining the purpose of a DPI project and crafting a suitable clinical question

After stating the problem that your DPI project intends to solve, you should proceed to explain the purpose of the project. The purpose of your project should be in line with the identified problem. After stating the purpose, the next thing that you ought to do is to write clinical questions. When writing such questions, you are supposed to follow the PICOT formula. You should avoid having too many clinical questions as you do not want your DPI project to have quite a broad scope. Producing a DPI project with a wide scope requires a lot of resources that a nursing student might not have. Our online DPI experts can assist you with writing these two sections.

Scientific knowledge advancement

One important quality of a DPI project is that its main goal is not just to improve a certain nursing practice but also to advance scientific knowledge. For you to contribute new knowledge to any given field, you must first identify a knowledge gap. The practical way of identifying such a gap is by reviewing the literature that is relevant to the chosen DPI topic. After reviewing such information sources, you should then explain the identified knowledge gap and how your DPI projects fills such a gap. Moreover, you need to discuss the significance of your DNP project. You do not have to worry too much about tackling these two sections as our DPI project writers can assist you.

Tackling the methodology chapter of a DPI project

Generally, under this chapter, your main goal should be to explain the specific steps that you took and methods used in your attempt to improve a certain direct practice in nursing. You ought to begin this chapter by explaining the adopted research design for your DPI project. Moreover, you need to discuss how the data was collected and analyzed. Also, you must have an explanation of how participants were recruited and how they were sampled. Furthermore, you need to highlight the ethical issues that you had to take care of during the study. If you are stuck at this chapter then you could surely use our DPI project writing help.

Writing the literature review chapter of a DPI project

Similar to when working on other types of academic projects, you must have a literature review chapter. The main purpose of this chapter is to show that you are aware of the current knowledge in relation to the nursing practice that you intend to improve. In most cases, this is one of the most time-consuming chapters to write. Moreover, it happens to be one of the longest chapters. With the proper synthesizing of the reviewed source, it becomes possible to better explain the healthcare issue and nursing practice of interest. We assure you that our DPI project writers are willing to deliver you a comprehensive and well cited literature review chapter of a DPI project.

Tackling the conceptual framework or theoretical framework when writing a DPI project

At the end of the literature review chapter of a DPI project you ought to include a conceptual framework and theoretical framework. It is worth noting that you can still decide to include either of these two. Notably, a conceptual framework is usually in the form of a diagram that indicates how the various variables in the study are related to one another. Such a diagram is usually followed by a brief writeup explaining it. On the other hand, the theoretical framework provides an explanation of the problem under focus using the relevant theories. It is possible to hire our DPI project experts to assist you with writing any of these two sections.

Analyzing data and presenting the results

Producing a direct practice improvement project involves working with raw data. To ensure that such data facilitate the improvement of the direct practice under focus, you must analyze them. The results of such analysis should be presented in this chapter. In most cases, the analyzed data are presented in a visual form to make them easier to understand. It is quite common for nursing students to struggle with completing this task. If you are a nursing student and you are unsure about how to go about this chapter then you might want to consult the DPI project writers on this website. We assure you that such experts will assist you in conducting data analysis.

Handling different types of analyzed data

When producing a DPI project, you may end up with either qualitative or quantitative data. Are you aware that we are one of the DPI project writing companies that help students with analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data? Now you know!

Discussing the findings of your DPI project

Writing this chapter of a DPI project should not be that difficult after one is through with conducting data analysis. While writing this chapter, your aim should be to explain the analyzed data. It is advisable to do this while keeping the reviewed literature in mind. This chapter should clearly explain how the findings are different or similar to the existing conventional knowledge in relation to the problem under focus. One of the easiest ways through which you can discuss the findings of your DPI project is by hiring our DPI project tutors. You can conveniently hire these professionals on this website by just contacting us today!