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Revision Policy

In this academic company, we value optimal client satisfaction. For this reason, we ensure that the services that our DNP capstone project writers and any other experts in our firm offer are of superior quality. However, in the unfortunate event that any client is unsatisfied with the work that we deliver to them, they are entitled to a free revision. When offering such free work revision, we do it in accordance with our work revision policy. Some of the terms of our revision policy are highlighted below.

Qualification for free-work revision

For you to qualify for a free work revision, the following must apply:

  • Original instructions. When requesting for free work revision, you should not change the original instructions. In the event that a client changes the original instruction, they will be requested to order editing services instead of requesting free work revision and such an order will attract additional charges.
  • Poor quality work. For a client to be offered free work revision on this ground, they must provide specific examples of poor quality in the delivered work.
  • We at all times, check our clients’ work for plagiarism before submitting it. However, should we deliver you work which has been plagiarized then you are entitled free work revision. The burden of proof for you to be offered revision on this ground lies with the client.

Timelines for requesting free-work revision

There are timelines within which clients are supposed to request for work revision. If you allow such a timeline to lapse then, you forfeit your chance of requesting for free work revision. Clients are required to initiate their free revision request within seven days after we have sent them the ordered work.