DNP abstract example

Improving Patient Outcomes: DNP Abstract

Background: Rehospitalizations pose a major issue in healthcare, driving up costs and burdening patients. Research indicates that robust discharge planning can lower readmission rates.

Project Description: Aiming to enhance discharge planning for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), a DNP project was conducted at a hospital. A team of experts created a standardized discharge protocol covering patient education, medication review, and post-discharge appointments.


The study used a before-and-after design. Data on readmission rates within 30 days for patients with heart failure (CHF) was gathered for six months before and after a new discharge planning protocol was introduced.

Results: After the protocol was implemented, the readmission rate for CHF patients within 30 days dropped from 26% to 19%.


This study shows that a standardized discharge planning protocol can effectively lower readmission rates for CHF patients. More research is necessary to understand its long-term effects and whether it can be applied to other patient groups.

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